About the artist

protrait of artist

There is a story being told at the end of my paintbrush.  Sometimes I am telling the story and sometimes the canvas is telling me the story.  The meaning of the tale flows back and forth through my brush like an ocean tide.

Colleen Crotty-Good has been creatively inspired at every chapter in her life; from Certified RN, to Architect, and now as a Life-Cycle Celebrant she creates modern, relevant ceremonies for all life milestones from birth to weddings to funerals. It is no surprise that her art is stirred by life itself.

Both of Colleen’s parents were amateur artists and she was raised with a focus on creativity and exploring the deeper questions of life. Her work has evolved through many phases and was expressed through Architectural Design for many years. 

In the past five years Colleen has explored creative expression as a profound method of communication with spirit. Each painting begins with a question, a prayer, or intent.  As the painting moves from abstract to images a pathway to the subconscious opens and reveals its message. The painting itself becomes the oracle, a communication with the divine. In this way the creation of art is activated by the processing of life, the inner self, and our link to the great mysteries of spirit.

Colleen’s artistic practice is truly a give and take with her medium. It is a conversation, a discovery and it’s personal.

And, as the viewer, there’s still plenty of room for your own revelations.